Curriculum, idea books, visualized stories

A Beka Book – Visualised Flash Card Bible Stories
Beebe Publications – Books by Wally Beebe for children, bus ministry, children's ministry resources (google to find)
Bible Visuals – Stories, printable resources, song visuals
Bob Jones Press – Books, curriculum
Character Journal – Free downloadable guides on teaching character
Child Evangelism Fellowship – Stories, songs, object lessons...
Children's Bible Club – Popular stories such as Little Boat Twice Owned, Little Red Hen
Children's Bible Hour – Devotionals, stories, song visuals, Classic: Songtime CD's Vol. 1-5
Children's Ministry
Creation Today – Books and information on creation – Object lessons
Christian Preschool Printables
Danielle's Place – Crafts
DTLK – Crafts, coloring pages, songs poems, printable activities, games...
Fellowship Tract League – Children's gospel tract English-153, Spanish-4230
Garden of Praise
Global Visuals Wadsworth, OH
Kids Sunday School – Free printable ideas
Lamp Lighter Publishing – Excellent books
Little Giant Steps – Helpful solutions for accelerating learning abilities for the gifted OR challenged
Kids of Integrity
Master Clubs – Bible Discipleship for children in Baptist Churches
Mercy & Truth – Devotional books, flash cards: Plagues, 10 Commandments & Creation
Missions Resources
Mott Media
New Tribes Missions – Bible Story Pictures, B&W and Color CD or Flash Cards
Creative Ministry Solutions – Puppets, stages, patterns, puppet plays, object lesson books
Scripture Truth – Good prices on award Bibles
Sermons 4 Kids
Sunday School Network
Sunday School Resources
Bible in Living Sound –  Flannelgraph
Little Folk Visuals – Flannelgraph
Victory Baptist Press
Wholesome Words
Your Story Hour – Excellent listening for children – Patch the Pirate Adventures to hear on radio or computer. Excellent listening for children
distant - Resources then click on Sweet Publishing for free Bible Illustrations to download.


Child Evangelism Fellowship – Salvation Songs Favorites, Growing Songs for Children
Children's Bible Hour – CLASSIC: Song Time 1,2,5,8 (not sure about the rest...)
Faith Music Missions – 4 Children's Songs CD's: Just for Kids by Gregg Nash
Majesty Music – Children's CD's and Song Books (all very conservative)
Mystery Ministries – KJV Scripture put to music - very good!
Songs of Scripture – 1 Song Book and 3 CD's of Scripture Songs
The Wilds – Quality Christian Music (store/feature recordings)

Crafts, toys, trinkets

MSSS Crafts
Kipp Brothers

Spanish Resources

A Beka Book
Children's Bible Hour
Child Evangelism Fellowship
Majesty Music


Positive Action for Christ – Recreation Vol. 1-4, Games, Icebreakers etc., books and downloads available.  Curriculum. 

Clip art
Phillip Martin's Clip Art
Ministry – Download slide masters, articles about children's ministry


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